Our Team


Our doctors are board-certified in Obstetrics/Gynecology and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, providing comprehensive fertility services that meet the highest standards of excellence.


I love taking care of patients. I also enjoy thinking about ways we can improve healthcare delivery and outcomes for women. I get to do these things every day I come to work, and I know the rest of the team I work with is equally dedicated to our patients. Plus, we get to help people become parents. It is truly fulfilling and rewarding.



I love my job because of the patients we see and the chance we get to be a part of making their lives better. Some require small adjustments and other need major procedures, but in the end the majority have a happy outcome because of our team of caregivers!


I entered medicine for an old fashioned reason – to help people and change lives – and my job lets me do that every day. When patients have a good outcome it impacts not only them, but also countless other people, and this truly brings joy to their world. Couples that are not successful are the biggest challenge, and if they know they have received the best support and advice throughout the process, then helping them find comfort is an important task I take seriously.

My ability to provide the best care is only possible because of a large number of co-workers focused on appropriate supportive and compassionate treatment, and working with this group of outstanding employees is a highlight of my job.


Everyday is full of new and exciting adventures for a couple or individual embarking on a sometimes short, sometimes long journey. How neat is it to help them navigate that the highs and lows of the process. That bond is unlike any in medicine, in my opinion. And the team of professionals that I work with provide an ideal environment for patients, bar none.


I love what I do … I help couples have a child and when I do this, I feel I am helping to change and improve the world one small step at a time.

I love what I do because I work within a team of very talented people including well-trained, bright doctors, dedicated nurses, talented ultrasonographers, cutting-edge laboratory technicians, and understanding staff. We all have the goal in mind to help and support our patients who need the best medical care, compassion and resources.

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Clinical team members

Our nurses work closely with physicians and assist in giving you the best treatment available.

I have been a nurse for many years, and I am very thankful to have the opportunity to work in Reproductive Medicine with this high functioning healthcare team. This team is dedicated to delivering cutting edge medical technique and science from a patient centered focus, and I am proud to be a part of it.

It is such a pleasure for me to witness the excellent patient care that is provided to every patient on a daily basis. It is so amazing to be a part of such a compassionate and dedicated team.

Nurse Coordinator

Helping couples experience parenthood is beyond rewarding. I leave work every day with a smile and a fulfilled heart.

Nurse Coordinator

I am extremely fortunate to be able to assist patients in becoming parents. Each patient that comes to our practice is very special and unique, and the relationships I build with each patient is extremely important to me. A patient struggling with any fertility treatment can have physical, emotional, and financial stressors. Our team recognizes this daily, and we want each person to have a positive experience. We provide lots of support and compassion throughout the entire process. It is rewarding to see patients overcome their fertility issues and achieve their goal of having a family. It is truly a privilege to be part of this process, and I am grateful to be a part of their lives.

Nurse Coordinator

When I look at my wall of baby pictures, it’s very simple to articulate why I love what I do. They are why I love my job – those babies and their parents, the ones who have come before and the ones who are yet to come!

Procedure Area Nurse

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