We realize that the process of treating fertility is emotionally, physically and financially demanding. The financial aspects of treatment can be particularly daunting. Our goal is to minimize any confusion or frustration by providing as much information and assistance as possible.

We tailor each treatment plan to the individual patient, which helps to contain costs and ensures that unnecessary tests and procedures are avoided.

Philanthropy and Grants

Fertility care, particularly in vitro fertility (IVF), is expensive (~$16,000) and cost prohibitive for many people. Governmental efforts in this often stall due to partisan issues related to reproductive freedom. Fortunately, some employers are starting to add fertility treatment benefits to provide their employees with coverage for in vitro fertilization. While these efforts are a great first step, significant (>$5,000) out of pocket costs still remain in spite of these benefits and coverage is limited to those employed by larger companies.  

We continue to lobby employers in the region and encourage our patients to do the same but we also felt it was time to explore another way to help fill the gaps in access to those in the metro area.

Through generous donations from former patients, we are now able to offer two separate grant funding mechanisms: the DragonFly Fund and The Gateway Family Fertility Fund, all supported through the Barnes Jewish Hospital Foundation.

*Under “Area of support” please select “Other” and write “Dragonfly Fund” to ensure the funds are directed to DragonFly. BJC Foundation Donations are tax deductible and 100% of donations go back to the recipients of the award/grant.

Insurance coverage

The Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Center at Washington University works with several major insurance carriers, and our clinic is designated as a Center of Excellence by both Cigna and the UnitedHealth Group’s Optum plan. We are one of only two fertility clinics in Missouri to receive this designation from Cigna.

In Missouri, several large employers provide fertility treatment benefits, but most do not. Illinois is one of 15 states with a law mandating employers provide coverage for fertility treatment, and it is comprehensive – covering up to four cycles of IVF. This mandate, however, does not pertain to all patients who live/work in Illinois.

Read our guide to understanding insurance benefits »

Our financial consultants can help you determine if your health plan offers any benefits that might cover some or all of the costs of your care. Call 314-286-2413 and ask for an insurance consultation if you have questions. 

Financing options for IVF services

Many HMO and insurance plans in Missouri and Illinois still do not cover in vitro fertilization.

For patients without insurance coverage for fertility treatments, we offer several financial options to help you finance your care:

1. Fee-for-service
We offer a fee-for-service option where patients can pay out-of-pocket for the services they receive, which includes monitoring, blood tests, anesthesia, egg retrieval, and embryo transfer. Micromanipulation procedures are additional costs.

Please call our billing team at 314-286-2400 option 5 if you have questions or would like additional information.

2. Advanced Reproductive Care (ARC) payment packages
We have partnered with Advanced Reproductive Care, Inc. (ARC), the nation’s largest network of fertility specialists, to provide you with options for financing your care.

Because our fertility specialists are members of the ARC network, patients may choose from a number of options:

For additional information about these patient options please visit the above links or call ARC’s toll free number to speak with a patient services specialists: 1-888-990-2727.

3. Medication discounts
Some pharmaceutical companies sponsor discounts on medications:

4. Military discounts
Several programs sponsored by some drug companies provide steep discounts on fertility medications for medical families.