Genetic Counseling

Techniques and options for preconception genetic screening and testing are exploding along with options for preconception prevention of genetic disease.  The expertise and focus of genetic counseling is distinct from that of what a prenatal genetic counselor often provides in that most of the patients a prenatal counselor will see are already pregnant.  Our goal is to help prevent transmission of genetic disease prior to pregnancy.  There may also be certain conditions that impact fertility that are tied to genetic conditions as well.

The IVF process is quite conducive to incorporating genetic risk assessment as the patients already undergo multiple evaluations prior to beginning a cycle.  As genetic risk assessment benefits every patient, even those with no known family history of genetic disease, we have a unique chance to improve patient care in this setting.  A genetic counselor helps patients navigate the complex landscape of genetic testing and supports them in their journey to build a family.  Preconception genetic counseling provides patients with an important opportunity to understand their genetic risk factors prior to pregnancy when their options for intervention are greatest.

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