IVF Facilities and Expertise

Our 4,900 square-foot IVF facility (certified by CLIA and CAP) is equipped with the most modern apparatus and staffed by experienced and dedicated scientists and technicians. This is convenient to patients and also helps preserve their privacy.

The IVF lab is exceptional in several areas: the level of training and certification of the staff, the quality of laboratory standards and attention given to lab security.

Patient Care Facilities
Our IVF clinical facilities include two procedure rooms and four private recovery rooms for egg retrievals and transfers. Anesthesiology services are provided to patients during egg retrievals by board certified anesthesiologists from Washington University School of Medicine who are on staff at Barnes Jewish Hospital.

The Andrology Lab
This lab provides a wide range of diagnostic tests of male infertility, including complete semen analysis and viability staining. They also provide sperm banking for variety of indications including fertility preservation. In addition, hormone assay testing is performed for both men and women.

The Embrology Lab
This lab is dedicated to egg retrievals, sperm retrieval, micromanipulation, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), assisted hatching of embryos, extended embryo culture, embryo biopsy (for genetic testing), embryo transfer, and both oocyte and embryo cryropreservation.