Learning With National Leaders Gynecologic Cancers and Fertility Preservation Event

“Learning with National Leaders gynecological and fertility preservation event. KMOX’s Carol Daniel will moderate a panel with our Washington University Physicians, Surgical Oncologist Lindsay Kuroki, Radiation Oncologist Stephanie MarKovina, Nurse Practitioner Anna Geiger, and Geneticist Rachita Nikam.” via www.learningwithnationalleaders.com Watch the full video here: https://learningwithnationalleaders.com/?eventuuid=268B1EE5 If link isn’t working: click here or here.

A note from Dr. Keller

Dear Patients, As I look for the silver lining in this pandemic, it has to be that my adult children have come home once again.  We have not all lived together for over seven years.  Although, the disappointments of life interrupted are hard, ie cancellation of college graduation, leaving the city and friends that have […]

Zika Virus UPDATE: 9 things you need to know when planning a pregnancy 

How is it spread? The Zika virus is spread by the Aedes Aegypti and Aedes Albopticusmosquitos, which also carry Yellow fever and the Chikungunya virus. Why the big fuss? It is usually not harmful in healthy adults but there is a suspected link with microcephaly in unborn children What are the consequences of Zika in a fetus? The CDC has […]

I just miscarried. What now?

By: Dr. Kenan Omurtag As we reach the end of October, wanted to leave people with information about what happens next (both short term and long term) after one is confronted with the fact that they no longer have a viable pregnancy. Below are 4 macro steps  Step 1. Grieve – Don’t be afraid to […]

What to look for in a fertility clinic

Finding a trusted fertility specialist can be intimidating in the era of mass information and online social networks. Your OBGYN might present a list of specialists and tell you to pick one or they might recommend one themselves. Eitherway, just like any service, patients typically investigate through friends and online reviews (much like we do […]

Progesterone and IVF: So why do I need this?

Progesterone helps support implantation and the IVF process blunts your body’s natural ability to make progesterone. When one undergoes a fresh IVF cycle for example, all of those follicles that are aspirated at the time of egg retrieval makde progesterone but the hormone signals from the brain that KEEP those follicles making progesterone is blunted […]

How it works and what you need to prepare to freeze your eggs 

SCHEDULE APPT: make sure you see a board certified reproductive endocrinologist/fertility clinic thathas experience freezing eggs. The consultation will be 30-60 minutes. Come prepared to answer questions about your reproductive goals. Bring along a member of your support system 🙂 GET TESTING: Our physicians will check markers of ovarian reserve, specifically an AMH and ultrasound […]

How Genetic Counseling Can Make a Positive Difference for You

Hello!  I am happy to be able to introduce myself: my name is Marisa Andrews, and I am a certified genetic counselor. I recently joined the Fertility & Reproductive Medicine Center, and I am so pleased to be a part of this incredible team. All of us, patients and healthcare providers alike, are excited by the […]

Family get-togethers: How to manage in an uncomfortable situation

November 28, 2018 Hi! Dr. Jungheim here! The holidays are coming up.  So much fun, but also a painful reminder for some of us that another year has gone by and we’re still trying.  I watched a movie on Netflix the other day called Private Life and it reminded me of some of the dynamics that […]