Update 12.11.2020

Update from BJC on vaccinations – More to come!

To all of our patients,

Winter is coming. And with it the predicted spike in COVID19.
And with that comes anxiety of what will happen to fertility treatment.

At this time, we can reassure you that we are continuing to provide all fertility workups and treatments with strict protective measures (masking, sanitization, social distancing, etc) as we have over the last 6 months. 

How we are keeping you safe:

  1. All patients who come to the office MUST wear a facemask. A cloth facemask is acceptable
  2. All patients and employees will be screened (including temperature check) by phone during scheduling and then again upon entry. Anyone considered to be infectious will not be allowed entry.
  3. Social distancing policies, 20 second handwashing, and thorough sanitization processes will continue with adjustments in scheduling and office availability.
  4. The parking lot will continue to be waiting room and you will receive call/text when ready to come to the office.
  5. You can read here more about what we have been doing over the last 6 months to keep you safe.


Mental health

We acknowledge the anxiety all of our fertility patients carry. With that in mind we wanted to share some free coping strategies and resources.
Mind Body Strategies Webinar on coping strategies for those undergoing Fertility care
Guided Meditation 
Other Resources from ASRM

Office visits/Consults:
We will continue to schedule virtual visits for new patient visits, consults, and return visits. Pregnancy related visits and other “office procedures” (e.g endometrial biopsies, office hysteroscopy) will be scheduled in person on site as they have in the past. At this time you may bring in a support person.

Semen testing, blood work, ultrasounds, HSGs (“dye tests”) and sonohysterography
All testing is still ongoing. Semen testing will require home collection in most circumstances. Read this and fill this out and bring with you if you are bringing a semen sample in.

Ovulation induction +/- intrauterine insemination
Treatment with clomiphene, letrozole and/or inject-able medications as well as intrauterine insemination (IUI) continues. Only the patient is allowed in the exam room for the IUI.

In vitro Fertilization (IVF)/Frozen embryo transfers (FETs)
These procedures are continuing as they have over the last 6 months. One support person is allowed in the transfer room with the patient. 

Hysteroscopy and laparoscopy
These are outpatient procedures that do not require inpatient hospitalization and for now, they are allowed to continue.  Scheduling these surgeries continues to involve COVID PCR based testing and we will help facilitate that for you.

Pregnancy during the pandemic and what if treatment is suspended again
This is certainly possible. If you plan to proceed with treatment, Please review this document. We will share it with you at your visit as well.

Ultimately, we remain measured and focused on making sure that our approach to providing fertility care is safe and consistent with expert guidance. We know that is what you expect from us and we want it that way.

We greatly appreciate your patience and flexibility during this time. We know you are tired and exhausted but we are here with you. Much of our team continues to work remotely so please use MyChart for communication.


The WASHU/BJC Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Team