UPDATED 1/2/2023

Semen Information Sheet

Semen analyses are currently scheduled:
Mondays- Friday between 9a – 1pm
Sperm Bankings appointments are  typically scheduled at 10am

Questions or Comments?

314-286-2400 – Option 3

HOME COLLECTION IS PREFERRED for semen analyses for those that can bring the sample in within 1 hour is preferred BUT 2 hours is acceptable, more than 2 requires in-office collection.

HOME COLLECTION IS PREFERRED for IUI, Sperm Banking for those that can bring the sample in within 1 hour of ejaculation

Please note that magazines and other materials have been removed from the collection rooms. Please bring your own materials/device.

Fill out this form* if you are collecting sperm at home or on site for any of the following indications:

  • semen analysis (Please bring the semen sample, a photo ID, and the appropriate paperwork (link above)
  • semen banking
  • intrauterine insemination (IUI)/artificial insemination

*Adobe Reader 7.0 with Fill and Sign tool may be required. Print and fill out manually and send or bring with you.

Sperm banking

There are a number of reasons why an individual may choose to bank sperm. While many patients bank sperm because they are facing medical or surgical treatments that may impact their future fertility, many individuals bank sperm temporarily to have sperm available as a backup for IVF or IUI if they travel frequently and/or have difficulty collecting and would like to have a backup sperm source available.

An increasing number of patients are banking sperm prior to initiation of gender-affirming hormone therapy.

Usually sperm from one ejaculate is enough for future ICSI treatment. Depending on the indication usually one banking appointment is typically adequate.  However, our physicians and nurses can guide you on the recommended number of bankings once the initial sample is analyzed

Frozen sperm remains viable for up to 20+ years.

You should be aware of several factors before proceeding. Insurance companies usually do not cover this appointment. The current self-pay cost for sperm banking is $367.50 per visit/specimen. A partial semen analysis will also be performed including an assessment of the count and the motility of the sperm.  You will receive a call from our office after your appointment with the semen analysis results.  You may be advised to bank additional specimens. If the sample proves to be inadequate for freezing, you will be refunded the cryopreservation cost of $213.75. Call the member number on the back of your insurance card to check coverage for fertility preservation.

The current cost to store sperm at ReproTech for one year is $500.00 (see Repro Tech’s website for financial assistance options). We cover the shipping cost.

You may consider a consultation with one of our physicians for a discussion of procedures that may be required to produce a pregnancy with your cryopreserved specimens. The consultation fee is additional.

To schedule sperm banking for fertility preservation the following are requiredSTD Testing (HIV1/2, RPR, HepBsAg, HCV) will be ordered by one of our providers.  
Complete the Sperm Banking Packet and turn it in prior to your appointment.  
ReproTech account set up (for long-term storage – these samples are stored off-site)