I have an appointment scheduled after September 30, 2023. Am I eligible to apply? 
Unfortunately, not. This grant cycle is for current patients defined as those who have been seen in our office for a fertility workup or treatment in the last 2 years. We may have additional grant opportunities available in the future. Follow us on social media for updates. 

I am a current patient at your clinic who just did an IVF cycle or will be doing one before December 21,2023. Can the funds be used retroactively? 
No. The funds cannot be used retroactively, nor can they be used to refund any previous cycle. The award goes directly to the clinic on behalf of the recipient and the pricing is adjusted accordingly. 

How long do I have to use the grant? 
The grant money must be used within 12 months of the award date. Failure to use the grant in that period results in automatic forfeiture of the grant money. No exceptions. 

What can the grant money be used for? 
The grant money is used toward the Washington University Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (monitoring fees, egg retrieval) and/or Barnes Jewish Hospital charges (embryology, insemination, culture, transfer) related to an in vitro fertilization. The funds cannot be used toward the purchase of related medication, purchase of donor gametes, payment to gestational carriers or the purchase of eggs from an egg bank. 

Can the grant be used toward the cost of frozen embryo transfers? 
While otherwise eligible patients looking to proceed with a frozen embryo transfer are welcome to apply, the selection committee will prioritize those applicants looking to do a new IVF (e.g embryo creation) cycle over a frozen embryo transfer. 

Do I have to share my story publicly if I win a grant? 
Yes. We do require grant recipients to be willing to share their story via Facebook, Instagram, our web page, the Barnes Jewish Foundation website, and/or related social media outlets. Furthermore, the recipient(s) may be asked to attend an informal event where we will share their story in person. We will be respectful of your privacy to the degree that you are comfortable, but we do want to publish our stories to inspire others to donate to Dragonfly and help others in the community. 

Please note: Finalist(s) will be contacted and asked to sign a media release permitting the sharing of their story. 

How much money is available? 
This cycle we have grants of $5000 available to up to 5 recipients.  

Is there a maximum annual income to apply? 
Yes. Your annual household income must be less than $170,000 to apply for a Dragonfly Grant. We will verify this information from your tax return. In order to be eligible to apply, a tax return must be received from all parties applying for a grant; no exceptions will be made. Without a tax return naming the individuals applying, we are unable to verify your income and therefore will not consider your application. 

Do you accept personal statements from LGTBQ+ couples who are otherwise eligible? 
Yes. Specifically, same sex couples pursuing in vitro fertilization with donor gametes who have household income <$170,000, no fertility treatment insurance coverage, and are a current patient at our practice as defined above are eligible. 

Can I re-apply if I was not selected? 
Yes. Because we are limited by the amount of funds that are donated, we cannot fund all that apply in a given cycle. However prior applicants are welcome to re-apply in subsequent grant cycles.